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"It is not the strongest of the species that survives,
nor the most intelligent that survives.

It is the one that is most adaptable to change. "
- Charles Darwin

What We Offer

Investment Management and Trading
Investment research is rigorous and structured, with an experienced Investment Committee.
Personal Share Portfolio Service
Personal Share Portfolios (PSP’s) which allow clients to hold and trade listed securities within retirement products.
Offshore Investment Management and Trading
A full offshore stockbroking service is offered, ranging from trade execution to fully managed discretionary portfolios.
Other Products
Trades in other investment instruments such as futures, options, contracts for difference and other derivative products.

Bridge Stockbrokers

Bridge Stockbrokers is managed and operated by a team of experienced investment professionals who provide a full stockbroking service ranging from trade execution to the management of fully discretionary portfolios. Bridge Stockbrokers trades a full spectrum of equity, property, fixed income and derivative investments both on the JSE and most international securities exchanges.

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Trading Call SNH : Wednesday 8th November 2017

Steinhoff International Holdings NV is a Germany-based company that is active in the retail of household goods, apparel, as well as in the automotive industry. The household goods business area includes the retail of furniture, building materials and consumer electronics through the Company’s subsidiaries Lipo Einrichtungsmaerkte, Poco and Conforama. In the apparel business area the Company operates, among others, through Pepco and is engaged in

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